XR virtual shooting

XR virtual shooting -- promoting reality with virtual, strengthening reality with virtual

XR virtual production

XR is a comprehensive virtual production technology that can simulate the effect of real scenes in virtual 3D space by integrating virtual reality and extended reality.
Because it is more than traditional green screen, it can save complicated post-production costs,
At the same time, the actor can better interact with the virtual
elements of the scene to achieve a more real and natural shooting effect, which has been more and more widely used in high-end display scenes such as advertising
production and film and television shooting in recent years.

Yanguang Intelligence helps customers use digital visual means to demonstrate products, promote brand concept and corporate image for different audiences in
the new media era;
We are good at combining different channels with vision
Design and integration of various mixing and matching technical means to bring novel
visual experience to customers, making the process of communication more effective and fun.

The 8K XR solution of Yan-Guang Intelligent Display has been praised by professionals such as Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Film Academy, Sharp 8K Research
Institute, and World Ultra HD Alliance. At the same time, there is a long way to go on the development road of XR.
We will continue to increase the investment in
8K XR project, research and development and expansion, and contribute to the development of XR industry ecosystem.