About Us

YESCO/Centch Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in 2004, has been providing advertising media equipmentsand solutions
for more than 20 years. We have substantial experience designing and producing products for public media —our products are
installed in morethan 90 large airports.

We leverage our Cloud platform to control and program various media products like LED billboards, LED Screens, LCD displays,
LEDlight box,distributed control,AIOTsafety and environmental monitoring. We have a 8K XR studio and also provide XR virtual
advertising content filming.We provide a platform for mobile internet, media and passenger interaction, and big data analysis.
Our products blend advertising displaysinto their urban surroundings, finding synergies among advertising
effectiveness, artistry and public services.


Shanghai Fengxian factory

Zhejiang metal structure manufacturing workshop

Jiangxi Mini /Micro COB LED manufacturing workshop