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Update time : 2022-07-12 09:47:29
Shop Advertising Signage   全店定制解决方案

SEPHORA 丝芙兰 alexander wang 亚历山大王

Custom any size Simple to install
LCD ultra clear shelf sensor screen LED box - Standard quick mounting

Intelligent cloud seeding control: safe, efficient and flexible (display control system of the
whole store: light box +LED+LCD)  

* More convenient: Access through the Web, as long as there is Internet, can operate anytime and anywhere. 
 * More secure: Ensure system security through channel encryption, data fingerprinting and permission management. 

* More efficient: remote production and distribution of programs through a unified platform, as well as control display
* More intelligent: the use of intelligent technology, greatly reduce user workload, improve efficiency  

* More reliable: The active/standby disaster recovery (Dr) and data backup mechanisms ensure high reliability. 

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